This is the chaos that my studio is in at the moment. I have been scrambling to get everything done in time for Spectrum Live next month in Kansas City. That painting on the board there has been calling out for attention but between ordering prints, building their supports, mounting them, negotiating assignments, and figuring out booth logistics for the show, it has been hard to knock it out. I'm feeling that a couple long nights might be coming up, indeed.

I was very excited to hear that "Laura's Sanctuary" was accepted into Spectrum 19. It was my first time submitting and although I was trying not to get nervous about it, I was pretty anxious. So I'm really happy I got in. Just one goal out of many I hope to achieve in the next few years.

I am also thrilled about an upcoming assignment I recently received to do my first wraparound book cover. I've only read part of the manuscript so far but the story seems wonderful and set within a very intriguing world. I'm not sure how much I can say about the assignment so far but I will post more about it as soon as I can.

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  1. Congratulations Jeremy, I am so excited for you! I totally get the chaos too, every time I get ready for a show my entire house is forgotten and a huge mess for awhile!