Spectrum, Illuxcon, and Moving to Colorado

Hey y'all. Remember me? It's been awhile since my last post, I suppose. But I do have a good excuse...so stop judging.

I moved. And I've been on holiday. So there!

I moved back to my beloved Colorado to take care of my grandmother's home. She is 94 years old, bless her soul, and moved in to an assisted living home. I'm really happy to be here in this awesome little town of Gunnison, CO (population about 5,000). The house is fully decked in retro 70's style (shag carpet included!) and I am super excited to have the garage and studio space. Like, not in my living room :)

Immediately after moving back in November, I went south to Memphis to spend the holidays with my girlfriend and her family. I love visiting them and being in the south for the warmer weather, but spending that much time away from my art does take its toll.

So, now it is back to work time! I am very excited to prepare for my biggest show at a convention yet: the very first Spectrum Live event, taking place in Kansas City in May. I've got my own booth this time and will be showing amongst the top artists in the industry. So much to do!

With that aside, here a few pictures from Illuxcon, which took place back in November. The artists shown in the photos, Jesper Ejsing, Anthony Palumbo, Joyce Li, Wynona Nelson, and Eric Fortune, are just a handful of the amazing artists that I got to hang out with. I also got to talk shop with Lauren Panepinto, an incredible designer and art director of Orbit Books. I have never seen such an amazing show. The talent there is truly the best of the world and the community is awesome. It was a huge learning experience for me and I can't wait till this year's Illuxcon.

Thanks for tunin' in y'all. Till next time :)


  1. You deserve to be happy and have success as an artist. You've worked super hard and are indeed wonderfully talented. I am happy for you Jeremy. I lived in Gunnison one year...the cold was a breaker for me though... :)

  2. Thank you so much Kim. You are the best. I've lived in Gunnison a total of two weeks and I think the cold is breaking me ;)