The piece I did for Splendorporium. Most of it was done in oils and then I brought it into photoshop to make things a bit more magical. Hopefully I'll get some time to go back in to the oil painting to bring it up to snuff.

So Illuxcon is in two week. I'm getting super excited about it. A little nervous too, I guess. I've got a portfolio review with an awesome art director and hopefully I get to meet a lot of my favorite artists there. I'm gonna learn so much! I'll post some pictures here when I get back.

Happy Halloween!!


  1. Hello Jeremy,

    Really struck by the lighting and the accomplishment in the face, particularly. Very fun!

    So you'll be at Illuxcon this year round? Grand! Perhaps I'll see you there, then. It is my first time, fresh out as it were, so I'm quite nervous myself. Cheers.