I've been taking a timeout from the Tuck Everlasting piece to work on this portrait piece for the Splendorporium Children's Gallery. Gabby, the gallery attendant and friend of mine asked me to do a painting demo for their "Pets and Portraits" show. I was more than happy to do it and Gabby even modeled for the painting. It's nice to break out the oils after all of the digital work I have been doing. These are some shots of the sketch-in and toning part of my process. I'll do the color lay-in during the demo, which hopefully, will be at least somewhat amusing to anyone watching me paint. I'll try to keep my usual frustrations and cursing to a minimum do to the kids around :)

Come to the show on Friday night if you are in the Portland area. I'll have some prints available and the show looks fantastic!


  1. Hey! met you at Aaron's .. had mats custom made for an upcoming show on my photography, just wanted to say you are SUPER talented! wow =) i pencil draw and i'm pretty good but nothing near what you do so just a big WOW to you! have a great day.

  2. Thanks Lydia, Hope your show went well and a great day to you too! :)