Here are a couple shots of my battle station. Its pretty small but the north lighting is great. No carpet or drop-cloth *yikes* but I don't get too messy. It's all about control. Like a ninja....a ninja-painter. :)

I found that palette stand at the goodwill for $3. It is so handy for painting and even moves up and down. The brushes I use are mostly flats of various sizes and a couple round blown-out bristle brushes for blending. No turps in the oil application, just linseed oil. Who wants cancer anyway?
I'm using a glass palette with a white board taped to the back so I can get correct color value judgments and still easily clean the palette with a straight edge blade. Sometimes I'll mix all my color values up like that before-hand if I'm trying to "pull a form" that is fairly tricky.
All those mug-shots taped to the wall are of my girlfriend, Margaret. She's not a very good model because she's fidgety and can't take my yelling at her and by the time she can get to the pose I want she has always got a big glaring frown on her face. I think the mug-shots are great though and I keep them up because she blushes when we have people over. ;)

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